1967 mustang "Elanor" fiberglass kit

Cut and fit custom bumper - 1967 Mustang

Eleanor kit - front bumper : 1967 mustang, starting with an ill fitting Eleanor Kit, from Mustangs to Fear

1. Cut and section headlight housing area. 

2. Mount/bolt cut sections in proper location onto fenders, paint sticks w/screws were used for parts     alignment and spacing. 

3. Fabricate bumper brackets, bolt and secure bumper to fenders, install and align hood. finalize fit. 

4. Apply fiberglass w/mat, shape, bodywork, prime/blocking steps

5. Apply paint PPG 9700 base - 2021 clear, wet sand w/1000 grit re apply 2021 clear, color sand w/1000 grit wet/dry, 1500 - 2000 - 2500 - 3000 finish w/ 3m system #1 compound #2 glaze #3 micro glaze # 4 hand glaze.

Fiberglass GT Kit rear - 1967 Mustang

cut and fit custom bumper cover

Cut and fit custom front bumper cover 2008 Mustang. We ordered the cover, on test fit cover was an 2.5'' too wide...

1. Find center line cut in half

2. Fit to vehicle fabricate brackets, paint sticks locate and secure proper position

3. Accomplish fiberglass repair

4. Finish body work/prime/prep for paint