1970 Barracuda 

1970 Barracuda paint

1. Bodywork complete

2. Barracuda was disassembled door, hood, trunk jambs along with front inner structure based and   cleared with PPG DBC snakeskin green.

3. Barracuda was reassembled and body panels aligned color scheme and graphic layed out PPG DBC 9700 black applied w/main body in PPG DBC snakeskin green, cleared with PPG 2021 high solids clear. Wet sanded w/1000, 1500, 2000, 2500, 3000 and buffed w/3M finishing system steps #1, #2, #3 and finished with hand glaze.

1972 Ford Bronco

1970 convertibleBarracuda

Black with low gloss stripe - 1973 Camaro

1973 camaro : Color change from orange to black, rust holes had formed in the roof/sail panel joint.  Rust area was cut out and new section pieced in, body worked, and car was block several times using tape.         Prime - apply guide coat - tape straight lines - block to tape - then reverse tape and block, producing super straight, crisp body lines. Camaro went through paint process, wet sand  with 3M 400 wet/dry sand paper, 600 wet/dry, sealed PPG DP90 epoxy, 3 coats PPG Deltron 2000 DBC 9700, cleared with 2 coats PPG 2021 high solids clear. Allowed to cure 1week, wet sanded with 3M 1000 grit wet/dry paper, re-cleared with 2 coats PPG 2021 high solids clear. Wet sanded with 3M 1000, 1500, 2000, 2500  grit wet/dry paper. Buffed using 3M finishing compound system, #s 1, 2, 3 and hand glazed - mirror finish..... Center stripe taped and masked, low sheen black applied. 

Charchol stripes - 2008 Mustang

Apply Raptor liner

Under carriage - 1955 Chevy

Black out tail panel - factory finish

1955 Chevy convertible

1955 Chevrolet convertible build : Starting with new door skins, moving to inner and outer rocker replacment allowing door install and alignment. Quarter panels removed, inner structures cleaned and coated with POR 15, aligned and installed. Next all stainless trim and badges were located, aligned, and holes pre-drilled. An epoxy seam sealer was used on all panel seams and paint process started. The 55' is finished in Gypsy Red and Shoreline biege. 

1969 Ford Bronco

VolksWagen Convertible

1970 GTX Stripe