Rear quarter R/R - 1970 convertible Barracuda

                                                      REPAIR STEPS

1. Support weight of vehicle evenly, preventing any body flex 

2. Rough cut quarter

3. Separate spot welds

4. Final trim clean and prep vehicle and new quarter skin

5. Quarter panel is butt welded 1/4 below body line minimizing       body filler and concealing fact quarter has been replaced

6. Damage in rocker/door opening repaired

7. Quarter prepped and  primed

8. Quarter repair paint refinished

9. quality repair complete 

1967 Mustang trunk extensions

Roof skin and A - pillars

Door skin R/R

Rust repair - Mustang

1970 Cuda trunk filler

R/R Trunk - 1968 Camaro

Floor R/R 1966 Mustang 

1970 Barracuda firewall

Cuda RH quarter R/R

'57 Chevy quarter - rockers - floor

1970 Barracuda quarter panel R/R 

1970 barracuda quarter panel replacement

                                                      REPAIR STEPS

1. Rough cut panel, drill spot welds, separate panels w/air hammer

2. Trim and dress new quarter skin, punch 3/16 plug weld holes ( to mimic factory resistance welds )

3. Coat bare metal with weld through primer

4. Mark body line reference ( door ) to carry onto new quarter and gap door.

5. Align and install panel, tack weld 

6. Fully weld, dress welds ( very little body filler is required to finish )

1967 Mustang L/R quarter replace